[MPlayer-dev-eng] MPlayer backend for Qt Phonon

Tanguy Krotoff tkrotoff at gmail.com
Mon Oct 19 20:11:54 CEST 2009

Hi all

I've been working on a MPlayer backend for Phonon for quite some time now.

Phonon is a Qt multimedia library where you can plug backends to it.

Source code is available on KDE repository:

Of course it uses MPlayer slave mode.
In order to achieve this, I've created an internal small library
(depends on Qt) above MPlayer named libmplayer that can theoretically
be used directly without using Phonon.

It works pretty good under Windows and Linux (I don't have a Mac).

The only big problem that I (and my users) are facing is for VBR MP3s
length detection. I know a patch exist but it was rejected due to
network overhead (maybe this can change since network connections
improve a lot, is the overhead still worth it?).

Thanks for developing MPlayer.

Tanguy Krotoff <tkrotoff at gmail.com>
+33 6 68 42 70 24

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