[MPlayer-dev-eng] Latest SVN doesn' compile on MinGW

Georgi Petrov gogothebee at gmail.com
Tue Jan 27 00:03:59 CET 2009

> The better suggestion is to delete help_mp.h first (and maybe make
> distclean), and if that does not help either send a patch or make the
> broken help_mp.h available somewhere.

Deleting help_mp.h worked. The tree is compiled.

The question remains: why it didn't work after svn update, make
distclean, configure and make? Isn't this combination supposed to
prepare the tree for as clean compilation as possible or I'm missing

The funny thing is that I just tried making distclean, configure, make
again and the problem is present. Deleting help_mp.h helps to finish
the compilation again.

Does it mean that the file is not deleted on make distclean?

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