[MPlayer-dev-eng] SSA example file

Ergzay ergzay at gmail.com
Sat Jan 17 21:38:28 CET 2009

This probably isn't the right list to send this to, but mplayer-users  
rarely gets responses for this type of thing.
I just uploaded a file to incoming thats an example with lots of ssa  
styling and lots of problems with ssa styling (I know some features  
just aren't supported yet.) File name is [gg]_Maria+Holic_- 
_02_[178FD4ED].mkv. I also uploaded a [gg]_Maria+Holic_- 
_02_[178FD4ED].txt file with the information asked for in the  
documentation. Pasting a portion of the text file here for ease of  
Problem is that this is an example file of lots of small issues that  
occur when playing ssa sub files. Notably many effects don't seem to  
work, and as you play near the beginning, a quick flood of errors  
[regarding the glyph bounding box being too large] is given. Also when  
any text is stationary on the screen with some kind of positioning and  
the subtitles at the bottom change, the on screen text slowly shifts  
to the right every time the subtitles change [I'm not sure if this  
error appears in this file, but it does appear in others].
I should warn the file isn't entirely safe for work (no, it has no  
pornographic content), just a warning for when someone tries to  
investigate the bugs.

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