[MPlayer-dev-eng] [PATCH] Direct3D VO better handling of uncooperative video adapter

Georgi Petrov gogothebee at gmail.com
Sat Jan 10 13:25:44 CET 2009

Hmm, just a thought. The code before the patch doesn't make any checks
if the adapter is uncooperative in case the reset code in flip_page()
has failed and the next call to Clear ot StretchRect and so on returns
an error. So the "failure" may be caused by a code in some of the
frame-copy functions like draw_slice() ot d3d_render_frame(). I wrote
about flip_page(), because when MPlayer crashes, it says that an error
occured in flip_page().

The code after the patch always checks if the adapter is currently
uncooperative and skips all rendering, trying to reset the adapter on
each frame. If it doesn't succeed, it returns "deceiving" value that
the frame copy is successful and tries to reset the adapter again on
the next call.

This continues until the adapter is reset and then the rendering
(frame-copying) continues.

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