[MPlayer-dev-eng] x86_64 and windows codecs

Nicolas George nicolas.george at ens.fr
Sat Jun 30 17:09:10 CEST 2007


I now have something that works. There is still a lot of work to do (to
support different images formats, for example; and to implement mp_msg in
the helper), but at least I have a 64-bits binary of mplayer that is able to
play guignols-20070622.wmv with the proprietary codecs, and the structure
can be easily extended.

The next step will be to integrate it in the mplayer source tree, but for
that, I need some advice.

My code adds three source files and one header file:
- mplayer_helper32.c
- remote_helper.c
- remote_helper.h
- vd_dmo_remote.c

vd_dmo_remote.c must be built in the mplayer binary, as a replacement of
vd_dmo.c. As such, I have decided to keep the driver name "dmo", so I do not
have to change codecs.conf. Is it acceptable, or should I change it into
dmo_remote? That would require duplicating all corresponding entries in

mplayer_helper32.c is the main loop of the 32-bits helper program, which
will probably go in $PREFIX/libexec/mplayer/mplayer_helper32. I am not sure
where to put it in the source tree. A dedicated subdirectory
mplayer/helper32/ maybe? A dedicated directory is probably useful since a
few source files must be built a second time in 32-bits mode: a place for
the .o is needed.

remote_helper.[ch] are the low-level communication functions, they are
necessary both to mplayer_helper32 and to vd_dmo_remote. They probably can
go in mplayer/helper32/, if that directory exists.

Regarding the configuration options: on x86_64, it is possible to configure
--enable-win32dll, the build will simply fail to build loader ("You need to
define a CONTEXT for your CPU"). I think I can re-use the same option for
this version, can't I?

Are there remarks about these questions?

I can show the code as it is right now, if someone is interested, but it is
not easy to build.


  Nicolas George
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