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Michael Niedermayer michaelni at gmx.at
Wed Feb 28 14:11:51 CET 2007

Hello commrades

ive had a long disscussion with diego on the phone, about the mess,
uoti, the voting, policy, and other things

ive agreed with him that uoti shall keep his mplayer svn account 
currently the reasons behind this are
* svn policy is unclear about svn cp, actually it doesnt even mention
  svn cp, its mentioned in other places yes but not directly in the
  policy so screeming policy violation due to lack of svn cp isnt 
  entirely true, the policy definitly needs to be improved to clarify
  such things like svn cp, so this is clear for everyone!
* also claiming uoti should have send a patch due to policy is another
  unclear area as he was maintainer though it can be argued that it
  must have been clear that the change would be controversal and that
  he thus would have had to send a patch but again this is a little
  fuzzy and not clear

the voting
well if you follow all formalities then only votes to root at mphq would
be counted and if you dont follow all formalities then uotis ok-ing
the patches and someone (this should ideally be uoti himself of course!)
commiting them could be interpreted as satisfying the requirements
independant of any silly deadlines either way uoti should keep his account

now please dont missunderstand me, iam not happy with the solution or
the way the voting is bent by us, but closing uotis account also would
not really make me happy and everyone has said that they would
want uoti to fix the issue rather then uoti to loose his account so
if uoti ok-es the patches and maybe even commits them himself this would
be closest to fullfilling what most people want

additionally as a small penalty uoti has lost svn write access to ffmpeg

one VERY important thing to do is to clarify policy about svn cp, sending
patches and mixing of cosmetics and functional changes in "new" files
also its very important that we clarify what shall be done in case of
policy violations so that next time someone violates the rules we can
clearly point to them and not end up flaming based on rules which for
most of us are clear but which then after closer inspection turn out
not to be clearly written down in the policy and which some new
developers thus might not understand correctly ...

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