[MPlayer-dev-eng] [RFC][PATCH] audio and video framers

Rich Felker dalias at aerifal.cx
Sun Feb 25 21:02:41 CET 2007

On Sun, Feb 25, 2007 at 12:31:11PM +0100, Michael Niedermayer wrote:
> avoiding dependancy on existing code == NIH syndrom

IMO this is not true in general. For example if I have a program that
uses glib, but a module that doesn't yet use glib and could in
principle be reused in other programs independent of the program as a
whole, and I find myself needing a linked list: it's much more
reasonable to write the 10 lines of C needed for handling my own
linked list than to introduce a nasty glib dependency into the module
and have it not be reusable.

On the other hand, the code in question here is clear duplication of
something _complex_ (not simple like linked lists), that is, codec
packet parsing. The direction MPlayer is taking (or at least that I
and several others wished for it to take a while back) is towards
increased integration with lavc/lavf. Not only will that lead to less
code duplication, but it will also allow huge amounts of crusty code
that no one understands anymore to be removed... like the stuff in
question in video.c.

In this case Michael I agree with your sentiment, but I just think you
went a little bit far in the statement I quoted above.


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