[MPlayer-dev-eng] [PATCH] Resolve bugzilla bug #16

Vladimir Voroshilov voroshil at gmail.com
Mon Feb 19 13:39:44 CET 2007

Hi, All.

I hope, i found solution for VoxWare audio codec loading under win32
(Bugzilla #16)

The reason was in wrong directshow initialization sequence:
remote input pin was notified about choosed allocator AFTER starting
binary codec.

I think, that this codec uses information about input allocator to set
properties for output memory allocator and without this patch codec
does know nothing about input allocator properties (because
NotifyAllocator did not called yet) at start time and sets output
allocator properties in "run" method using uninitialized internal

This patch was tested (only for voxware) under mingw and works fine for me.

Please review it and test for regression, if possible.

Vladimir Voroshilov     mailto:voroshil at gmail.com
JID: voroshil at jabber.ru
ICQ: 95587719
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