[MPlayer-dev-eng] Bug in font extractor for mkv

Ergzay ergzay at gmail.com
Tue Feb 13 00:01:14 CET 2007

On 2007/02/12, at 11:21, Evgeniy Stepanov wrote:

> On Sunday 11 February 2007 13:43, Ergzay wrote:
>> On 2007/02/10, at 4:17, Evgeniy Stepanov wrote:
>>> On Saturday 10 February 2007 11:34, Ergzay wrote:
>>>> I have gcc 3.3, ld cctools-525.obj~1, and make 3.79 all runnning on
>>>> Mac
>>>> OS X 10.3.9 on a 1.2 Ghz iBook G4. As well as fontconfig 1.0.1 and
>>>> freetype 2.1.10.
>>>> When I play an mkv with multiple font files inside of it, mplayer 
>>>> only
>>>> seems to grab the first font and then does not extract the remaining
>>>> ones. I have example files if you would like me to upload but this
>>>> seems to be universal so any file should work. (The files are also
>>>> large and my mencoder knowledge is not good enough to make a small
>>>> file
>>>> with such settings.) I use -embeddedfonts and -ass (because the sub
>>>> files are .ass files).
> I've got the exact same file and it works here. Are you really sure 
> that it
> extracts only one font ? Which one, by the way ?

Not sure on the exact font name, but it should be extracting AeroDB 
Eclipse (which is in the mkv file). Which is why it gives this error:
[ass] fontconfig: Selected font family is not the requested one: 
'Verdana' != 'AeroDB Eclipse'
As it is selecting the default Verdana instead of what font is listed 
in the embedded ASS file. The one it is successfully extracting is the 
one used for the romaji in the opening, named Flora.

> Also, fontconfig 1.0.1 is about 4 years old (if it is not a typo), try
> upgrading.

fontconfig doesn't do the font extracting anyway I don't think. 
Although I just updated to very latest release version of fontconfig 
(2.4.2) and it now works. This is odd though why it would only get get 
the first font (I guessed it was only the first as it makes no sense to 
extract one from the middle).

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