[MPlayer-dev-eng] [PATCH] crap removal from video.c

Nico Sabbi nicola_sabbi at fastwebnet.it
Sun Feb 11 11:57:46 CET 2007

Roberto Togni wrote:

>> 	*start=videobuffer; in_size=videobuf_len;
>>-	//blit_frame=decode_video(video_out,sh_video,videobuffer,videobuf_len,drop_frame);
>> #if 1
> ^^^^^^^^^
> Too late, but what about this? Any reason to keep it?

I'm more inclined to change it to #if 0, because it's the code that
changes framerate when telecining in mpeg2 is detected

"Without a frontend, mplayer is useless" - someone in mplayer-users

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