[MPlayer-dev-eng] 64-bit issue in ad_faad.c

Rasmus Rohde rohde at duff.dk
Mon Apr 30 17:22:05 CEST 2007

> from neaacdec.h:
> long NEAACDECAPI NeAACDecInit(NeAACDecHandle hDecoder,
>                               unsigned char *buffer,
>                               unsigned long buffer_size,
>                               unsigned long *samplerate,
>                               unsigned char *channels);

Bugger - my header looks like this:

int32_t NEAACDECAPI faacDecInit(faacDecHandle hDecoder,
                              unsigned char *buffer,
                              uint32_t buffer_size,
                              uint32_t *samplerate,
                              unsigned char *channels);

I'm using the faad2-devel-2.0-19.20050131 RPM from livna, 
which apparently is old and incompatible with newer versions.

Tough luck - not much we can do about this except hope 
that nobody else tries to compile up against the livna headers 
except me.

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