[MPlayer-dev-eng] PVR Channel Navigation

Sven Gothel sgothel at jausoft.com
Sat Apr 28 18:56:27 CEST 2007

Anybody .. in charge ? ;-)

I also would like to ask,
if it's OK to add a 'stream dump' command/key
for immediate recording ..

May be even using a 2nd device.

The true question here is, 
how much of a TV application features would be welcome ?
	- immediate recording
	- support n devices
	- xmltv overlay information 
	- .. 

Just asking for yet another VDR/Myth/Freevo ;-)

But speaking frankly, don't they all lack of the proper 
video/filter features ?

Now, MPlayer supports BTV/DVB/PVR/.., all the video output devices, etc..
where all other TV apps fail.

I read a little python code (Freevo and Freevo2),
same thing there, just a hard time to integrate the external 
main feature.

While doing this, i.e. the biggest task would be to implement a nice
RGBA overlay, which replaces the ancient Y of UV based OSD ;-)
Sure, at the time being, it was neat to just sum the Y info of the YUV 
framebuffer - but today, it's not enough any more (IMHO, of course).

Just a few thoughts.


On Saturday 28 April 2007 at 04:01, Sven Gothel wrote:
> Hi All,
> I have attached my svn diff (patch)
> to enable the channel navigation feature.
> Now, mplayer can be used for the PVR cards 
> incl. channel switching.
> Main feature:
> 	mplayer/stream/stream_pvr.c
> 	mplayer/stream/pvr.h
> Enable keybindings for PVR:
> 	mplayer/command.c
> My input.conf contains e.g.:
> ..
> g tv_step_channel -10
> h tv_step_channel -1
> j tv_last_channel
> k tv_step_channel  1
> l tv_step_channel  10
> ..
> Cheers, Sven
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