[MPlayer-dev-eng] MPlayer package for Debian

Diego Biurrun diego at biurrun.de
Tue Jan 17 10:06:30 CET 2006

On Mon, Jan 16, 2006 at 09:33:04PM +0100, Dominik 'Rathann' Mierzejewski wrote:
> On Monday, 16 January 2006 at 03:45, Diego Biurrun wrote:
> [...]
> > BTW, it's time to evaluate Christian Marillat's packages.  He just
> > released a new CVS snapshot that features almost all our suggestions.  I
> > only had a quick glance now, but they are much improved.  They even
> > feature a separately packaged skin
> Yes, they do and yes, they are much improved. However...
> 1.I still don't like the idea of building -i586 packages which won't run
>   on a Pentium CPU

What do they require?  A Pentium MMX?  This is not a problem, there are
hardly any movies at all that a Pentium without MMX can play.

> 2.MPlayer version string (mplayer -v) is still not modified appropriately

This would be nice, but it's not changed in Andrea's packages either.

> 3.I still don't like the patch below
> +-#define MSGTR_CompiledWithRuntimeDetection "Compiled with runtime CPU detection - WARNING - this is not optimal!\nTo get best performance, recompile MPlayer with --disable-runtime-cpudetection.\n"
> ++#define MSGTR_CompiledWithRuntimeDetection "Compiled for Debian\n"

This is minor.  In any case, it is now unnecessary, I have changed the
message in CVS.

> 4.Many potentially interesting patches have never been submitted to us,
>   i.e. 05_heap_overflow.dpatch and others

This patch is taken from our advisory and is of course already in CVS.
The patch is present in the package, but not applied.

Christian promised to submit his patches to me, so please don't bother
him with this issue.

> 5.Old config file (which mentions for example -aop list) is still
>   packaged instead of the one included in current MPlayer CVS

It's in the package but not installed.

Christian, please note that I have just extensively reworked the
packages in CVS and I have some more changes in store.

If you could patch the configuration files (where necessary) instead of
including them, this will make your life easier in the future.

> 6.config.h and config.mak files are still packaged


> I'm very sorry to say this, but I still can't recommend Christian's
> packages to the general public.

You're drawing conclusions too early.  Right now we have two different
packages, from Andrea Menucci and Christian Marillat.  Both have
problems, but Christian's packages have really come a long way.

Don't forget that Christian addressed most of our criticisms already.
Right now his packages are superior to Andrea's.


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