[MPlayer-dev-eng] -vo x11 scales different to -vo xv

Hans Korneder hans at korneder.de
Mon Apr 11 11:18:06 CEST 2005


playing a clip sized 696x420 with
  -vo xv -geometry 300x200
  -vo xv -x 300 -y 200
shows the whole image within a window of 300x200, which is exactly what I

playing the same clip with
  -vo x11 -geometry 300x200
  -vo x11 -x 300 -y 200
shows a 300x200 cut-out of the clip within a 300x200 window, what I
definitely don't want.

This looks as a bug to me.
Any ideas?

Hans Korneder         hans AT korneder DOT de

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