[MPlayer-dev-eng] "Dirac in mplayer soon" ? :)

Ivan Kalvachev ivan at cacad.com
Sun Sep 26 13:13:03 CEST 2004

On Tue, 21 Sep 2004 14:13:24 +0200
Moritz Bunkus <moritz at bunkus.org> wrote:

> Damn, again I'm reading /. instead of doing actual work ;)
> http://slashdot.org/article.pl?sid=04/09/20/2339234&tid=188&tid=126&tid=1
> Mosu

For these who are interesting in MXF format that is mensioned in the article - 
Take a look of this link http://www.smpte.org/smpte_store/standards/index.cfm?scope=0&CurrentPage=17&stdtype=smpte

The interesting items are :

  SMPTE 377M-	Proposed Material Exchange Format (MXF)File Format Specification (Standard)
  $90.00 - Purchase this Document

  SMPTE 378M-	Proposed Material Exchange Format (MXF) — Operational pattern 1A (Single Item, Single Package)
  $26.00 - Purchase this Document

So much for an Open Standard....
And he is not even final!!!!

Wish You Best 
   Ivan Kalvachev

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