[MPlayer-dev-eng] Re: ogm subtitles are a little weird

Andriy N. Gritsenko andrej at lucky.net
Sat Mar 27 12:27:20 CET 2004


Sometime (on Monday, March 22 at 13:12) I've written something...

>1. I must now run mplayer _manually_ from command line to see subtitles.
>Nor -sid nor -slang never worked. I can't use -sid X since I never know
>what is first text substream, it may be 2,3 or even 4, so I can't find
>out it before I play and then I have to manually run mplayer. I can't use
>-slang either since ogm format may define language only in comment and
>that is optional. It's too weird for me since I used to play video by
>just pushing 'Enter' from Midnight Commander or by clicking on it from
>gui filebrowser. All old versions of MPlayer played it well and now it
>want me do two manual operations to play each file. Any other format
>except ogm never want me do such weird thing.

    I've found a solution for this myself. I see '-sid 0' has no sense
because text stream never could be first stream in .ogm file. So let's
'-sid 0' has special meaning: 'first found text stream'. I think it'll
solve all problems: with "no subs by default" and with mentioned above
too. Patch attached, apply it to CVS, please.

    With best wishes.
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