[MPlayer-dev-eng] DVD a/v sync

Andrew Leiserson andy at leiserson.org
Mon Mar 22 19:30:54 CET 2004

Can somebody explain the DVD sync code around line 500 of

Do people still have problems with DVD audio being ~80 ms off in
mencoder? I have been seeing it consistently in the reported numbers in
the mencoder output and somewhat in the output (although 80 ms is often
not noticeable).

I think I managed to improve the situation be replacing the big if-else

if(picture_coding_type<=2 && pts) {
	sh_video->pts = pts;

However, I'm fairly certain this breaks playback.

Before I work any more on this I'm hoping for some "big picture"
understanding of what the code is trying to do. Pointers to
documentation or MPEG information would be useful, too.


 - Andy

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