[MPlayer-dev-eng] Subtitle MPL2-format in Mplayer.

Polinik polinik at lexx.eu.org
Fri Mar 5 23:23:20 CET 2004


I'd like to propose adding support for subtitles in MPL2 standard in
Mplayer. It is very popular in Poland - mostly it is used in subtitles
to series episodes.

Specification (by Ausir - mailto:ausir at ussbrowarek.org):
<Quotation starts>
[123][456] Sample subtitle
[1234][5678] Line 1|Line 2
[12345][67890] /Italic|Normal
[12345][67890] /Italic|/Italic
[12345][67890] Normal|/Italic

1 MPL2 unit is 0,1 second.
Line is made italic by putting / in front of the line (not the whole
subtitle). Lines are separated by |
<Quotation ends>
For example:
[1234][5678] Line 1|Line 2
means that subtitle appear in 123,4 second (counting from start of the
movie) and disappear in 567,8 second. "|" separate first and second
line, so subtitle look like:
Line 1
Line 2

There is already patch to sources of newest version of Mplayer:

Thank for advance for reply and awaiting answer (no matter if it will be
positive or negative - if You don't want to add this feature i'd
appreciate if You inform me about that ;))

Polinik Betlinski.
mailto:polinik at lexx.eu.org

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