[MPlayer-dev-eng] How can I get some software accepted to this project?

Marc Hoffman mmh at pleasantst.com
Sat Mar 6 07:15:23 CET 2004

First, I want to thank everyone who has been working on this project it 
has been so useful to me in our codec developments.

To start I have some very simple testing infrastructure which I keep 
having to integrate into the code with ever new release.  How would I 
go about adding it to get started.

1. We like to dump raw video for use in our own encoder developments.

2. I have been building some optimized ALTIVEC codes in my spare 
cycles, which I would like to finish up and integrate into some system. 
  I have been playing with several things here from color space 
conversion to faster transforms.

Well that's enough to get started.

Thanks in Advance

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