[MPlayer-dev-eng] KiSS of copyright

Diego Biurrun diego at biurrun.de
Tue Mar 16 20:17:40 CET 2004

Gabucino writes:
 > Diego Biurrun wrote:
 > > to be worked out, although it is pretty clear by now that it will most
 > > probably not be Gabucino's position.
 > Yohho! \o
 > Noone gave me his position, so I represented mine, got an agreement offer,
 > presented it to A'rpi, he said yes. So fuck the hell away from me.

Just to make this clear: I'm not trying to incrimate you here, as I
said, I believe you acted in good faith.

Still there is a lesson to be learned here: If you want to represent
others, you _have to_ try to really represent the group and the best
way to do this is to talk to them and find out what _they_ want.
Otherwise it is bound to backfire..  Acting based on your best
judgement sometimes is not enough.  I had to learn this the hard way.


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