[MPlayer-dev-eng] Recommend error for bad dimensions

Jindrich Makovicka makovick at kmlinux.fjfi.cvut.cz
Tue Mar 2 20:38:21 CET 2004

Adam Rice wrote:
> Erm... the docs recommend to use cropdetect, and cropdetect helpfully prints
> out a commandline fragment with the exact dimensions of the video. If mencoder
> then choked on the commandline it just suggested, it wouldn't exactly inspire
> confidence, now, would it? Besides, it seems a little absurd to require users
> to do mental arithmetic when they're sat in front of a $1000 adding machine.
> I propose that the problem lies not in lavc, but in cropdetect. I think
> cropdetect should be modified to report the exact dimensions of the useful
> video, but suggest dimensions that are rounded to multiples of 16 (or perhaps
> multiples of 8 when the video < 400 pixels wide or so).

This patch adds two additional parameters for position and size 
rounding. Defaults are 2 for position and 16 for size.

Jindrich Makovicka
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