[MPlayer-dev-eng] segfault on Alpha in libmpdemux/demux_mov.c

Andrew A. Gill superluser at frontiernet.net
Tue Mar 2 17:54:32 CET 2004

I'm getting a segfault on a DEC Alpha with the Sorenson codec.

I've traced the issue to the following line:


(that's the one inside case MOV_FOURCC('s','t','c','o'):, it
may also segfault in case MOV_FOURCC('c','o','6','4'):)

I must admit that when I get to a line with pointers and mallocs
and sizeof()s and segfaults, my mind goes all squishy.  So maybe
you can tell me what the problem with this is.  Or better yet,
fix it.

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pointers and mallocs and sizeof()s, segfault!

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