[MPlayer-dev-eng] A bug in MPlayer slave mode ?? (get_percent_pos)

RomulusPfeiffer romuluspfeiffer at uni.de
Tue Mar 2 16:14:27 CET 2004

Hi all,

I'm writing a console-frontend programm in Perl for MPlayer. I want to 
have a player mainly for listening music.

I proceed as follows:

I start mplayer in slave mode over a pipe and I get STDIN to read 
informations from MPlayer and STDOUT to send commands to MPlayer.
The problem is that the command:


returns always 0 until i do a seek like "seek 1\n" or whatever. Then the 
'get_percent_pos' command returns the correct percent value. But I have 
this problem ONLY with MP3 files. And that really sucks because I've 
implemented a progressbar which depends on the percent position and 
further, I use my program mainly with MP3 files. My workaround up to now 
is to do a "seek 0 2" or "seek -1" or whatever directly after starting a 
new track but this is not really satisfying and sometimes one hears it 
also :(
I am pleased about everyone tap.

And another thing:
Is it much work to add some functions to slave mode like 'get_time_pos' 
(which returns the current position in seconds) and get_played_file (which 
returns the file that is now playing) ?
That would be really nice if someone would add these functions.


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