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Arpi arpi at thot.banki.hu
Mon Aug 25 02:00:37 CEST 2003


> - oldpp
>   Attila said this is the old -pp option, however I have no idea in
>   which they differ, this was before my time.

this must be really obsolete!
not even my grandma remembers that times, when we used opendivx's (yeah it
did exists before divx.com has born) postprocessing code, and nobody ever
heard about Michael N. yet :)

then he came, with a new, fast, gpl postprocess code. we started to use it,
but in its first days it was (sometimes) worse in quality than the old pp
code, so i kept the old one in parallel, controlled by the option -oldpp.

later the new code's quality was fixed, and the opendivx died anyway (being
obsoleted by divx4 libs and early xvid, which left out old pp code).
i wonder if this option is still exists in the cvs, but it's probably
related to the still existing old opendivx lib support...

> - nuvopts
>   Albeu made a patch for this, that lacked two small suboption
>   descriptions..  Albeu, could you please finish this?

which suboptions?

> - (no)autoexpand
>   Rich made some mysterious rumbling about this being a very obscure
>   option that was added for some encoding work he needed to do and he
>   was unsure whether such a hack should be documented at all..  I'd
>   say document or remove, so I guess we should go for the former.

ok this is not easy.
as you probably know, OSD rendering in g1 is handled by vo drivers.
(it has historical reasons, osd existed before filter layer).
but mencoder doesnt use libvo, but users still want osd rendering with it,
to render subtitles into the encoded avi (which is silly anyway).
to workaround this, mencoder by default inserts the 'expand' video filter,
which can do the osd rendering. but since we support slices, and DR and some
other tricks has been done in vf_expand, sometimes it's broken/buggy/slow,
so it's better not inserting it at all. so, to avoid auto-inserting expand
filter in mencoder, you can use -noautoexpand

> The following three are completely shrouded in mystery so far:
> dvbin + subopts


> sub-demuxer

it's the same as audio-demuxer, but for subtitles.
since subtitles in g1 aren't real streams (yet), it has no much use.

> subopts


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