[MPlayer-dev-eng] [DOCS] [3rd try] missing option descriptions

Diego Biurrun diego at biurrun.de
Mon Aug 25 01:27:50 CEST 2003


There has been some improvement since the last time I posted, the list
of undocumented options has been cut in half.  Now please help me
reach the goal of documenting them all eventually.

- oldpp

  Attila said this is the old -pp option, however I have no idea in
  which they differ, this was before my time.

- nuvopts

  Albeu made a patch for this, that lacked two small suboption
  descriptions..  Albeu, could you please finish this?

- (no)autoexpand

  Rich made some mysterious rumbling about this being a very obscure
  option that was added for some encoding work he needed to do and he
  was unsure whether such a hack should be documented at all..  I'd
  say document or remove, so I guess we should go for the former.

The following three are completely shrouded in mystery so far:

dvbin + subopts





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