[MPlayer-dev-eng] [PATCH]:targa output with snapshot and index files

danny guru at digitalfantasy.it
Fri Aug 22 23:03:22 CEST 2003

Alle 12:17, venerdì 22 agosto 2003, Arpi ha scritto:

This is my first attept on writing something more complicated that 
printf("Hello world\n"); in linux and I make also a mistake (at the end, when 
i fill my hard disk of targa images and check the correct write of the file 
(whithout check the program!!)

The patch correct the problem.(I invert count and size of the fwrite(...) 

Doing the tiling as a filter has the advantage that you can output in the 
format you like (jpeg, png) but it changes fps: is possible to do this 
without problems?

I will take a look at the OSD code (all the thing in the module was done to 
avoid external dipendence or to check the size of the text at runtime, 
changing the delta between the images).

BTW in the tga_uty.c code there is a ultra-bad yuv2brg code, i take a look at 
the rgb2rgb converter but it seem to generate an error if i want to use 

	Daniele Forghieri


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