[MPlayer-dev-eng] AAC Audio Container

Maik Broemme mbroemme at plusserver.de
Mon Aug 18 21:13:12 CEST 2003

begin  Moritz Bunkus  quotation:

> Hi.
> > is someone working on ADIF and ADTS support for an AAC container?
> > Mplayer works just fine with AAC LC/VBR packaged as MP4 in a MOV
> > Container, but not with AAC. The next question is: Should this be an
> > addon fir the libmpdemux, mplayer uses?
> My mkvmerge can read AAC files. Note that ADIF files are virtually
> non-existant, and supporting them is REALLY not neccessary. ADTS header
> parsing is pretty easy. If someone was interested in writing a demuxer
> he could look at my sources
> (http://www.bunkus.org/videotools/mkvtoolnix/).
> Another 'problem' that might get more frequent is that you cannot
> determine whether an AAC file contains SBR AAC - but libfaad's
> initialization depends on knowing whether the data is SBR AAC or normal
> AAC. Nero has released a very good SBR AAC encoder for Nero 6, and SBR
> AAC will become quite popular. But all other files should be easy enough
> to decode.

The problem with SBR AAC is that you need to decode one audioframe with libfaad2 to know if it is SBR or something else, if someone knows another way, tell me :)

> (No, I won't write a demuxer, don't have the time for it. Sorry.)

I started that with looking at the libfaad2/frontend sources, because there was an example for open MP4, ADIF, ADTS an RAW ACC files, but thanks for the information about mkvmerge, so i can take a look there.

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