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gabucino at mplayerhq.hu gabucino at mplayerhq.hu
Tue Aug 12 23:44:28 CEST 2003

Alex Beregszaszi wrote:
> It's clear that we need some release strategy as 0.90 was release about
> a half year ago and the users are disappointed.
Okay I did a little brainstorm with al3x on IRC, and he suggested I should
write my ideas for you, dear list members.

I'm strongly against any other version for 'main' branch than 1.0 .

Why not 'G1' (al3x's idea): because MPlayer's version numbering scheme has
always followed the well known pattern: 0.10 0.17 0.50 0.60 0.90
G1 would look like shit at the end of the chain. I'm absolutely sure it would
confuse a considerable amount of users, not to mention apt-get ;)))))

Why not 0.9x: first, let's consider the community feedback for a 1.0 version.
Let's imagine portals, newspapers (wall street journal:) headlines:
"MPLAYER 1.0 FINALLY RELEASED - this is the long awaited final release of the
well-known movie player: MPlayer. Further developments will occur in
Arpad Gereoffy's new project: MPlayer G2. G2 is basically an...".

It is an important moment in a code's life when it is released as 1.0. Many of
those news items won't be written, just because a hungarian (where's that?)
mediaplayer has reached version 0.99. We definitely need 1.0 version number for
good public echo.

Second: if we delay '1.0' version _now_, consider _when_ are we going to
reach that state again? With G2. It is gonna take at least a year, but
probably two, and that's an optimistic estimation. xine will reach 1.0
much sooner than G2. While most of us probably won't have bad dreams about
this matter, just consider the public again (yes I know this reasoning
wasn't common until now, but let's talk about it, for a change).
We definitely need 1.0 version number to gain some advantage over xine.

Let's face the fact: MPlayer G1 won't be any more bugfree than now. Or
does anybody remember a specific moment where the number of bugs were
of considerably lower amount than now? No.

Actually I am a bit concerned about the GUI code, because no development
has happened in that area for a very long time. GUI bugreports should come
now, or be forgotten forever. However, Pontscho has mostly stopped GUI
development, so GUI bugs won't be fixed either. Pontscho please correct me
if I am wrong.

I don't consider this weakness as a halting point towards 1.0. Not at all.

We need 1.0, now.

MPlayer Core Team
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