[MPlayer-dev-eng] mplayer <-> PS2

Diego Biurrun diego at biurrun.de
Sat Aug 9 13:46:56 CEST 2003

Nicholas Charles Wilberforce Fellows writes:
 > I've managed to compile and run Mplayer under ps2 linux,
 > but as you might expect im getting fairly poor framerates and
 > choppy sound.
 > Im pretty convinced that divx / mpeg playback can be cajouled 
 > out of the hardware, and indeed there are divx solutions available,
 > these require mod-chips, something that im not all together happy about.

What kind of processor does the PS2 have?

 > libavcodec (which I assume is part of ffmpeg).


 > perusing through the code, i notice that it does appear that ps2 specific
 > optimisations have been submitted back into the tree.
 > I've spent quite some time tweaking around with the build but so far 
 > I have not come up with any satisfactory results.
 > So I have a couple of questions ...
 > Do your configuration scripts automatically detect architecture and
 > compile in specific optimisations ? in particular I am talking about the
 > libavcodec/ps2 code  ?

In general, yes.  I am not aware of PS2 specific stuff, though.  IIRC
the PS2 is not an i386 or ppc machine...

 > I am making the assumption that the bottleneck in the ps2 for divx playback is 
 > in the decoding area, of note, QCast & PS2Reality both using ffmpeg to 
 > acheive this. Am I going to have any luck trying out different "video out" 
 > renderers (best performance so far seems to be sdl)?

If you manage to get xv or vidix running they should give you better

 > Last but not least, Is there anything I could do to assist in porting Mplayer 
 > to ps2 linux, or might you have any tips for area's I might be able to look 
 > at in order to improve performance.

Try to enable processor optimizations for the PS2's processor.  You
will have to hack configure to accomplish this.


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