[MPlayer-dev-eng] mplayer <-> PS2

Nicholas Charles Wilberforce Fellows nick at polyprecords.com
Tue Aug 5 04:30:39 CEST 2003

Hello there !

Im new to this list so Ill introduce myself,
My name is Nick Fellows...

I've been using Linux for 3 or 4 years now, recently 
dabbling with the PS2 distro.

I've managed to compile and run Mplayer under ps2 linux,
but as you might expect im getting fairly poor framerates and
choppy sound.

Im pretty convinced that divx / mpeg playback can be cajouled 
out of the hardware, and indeed there are divx solutions available,
these require mod-chips, something that im not all together happy about.

So, looking through your website, I noticed a couple of projects , 
QCast and PS2Reality, both of these seem to be derivative works
of Mplayer and libavcodec (which I assume is part of ffmpeg).

perusing through the code, i notice that it does appear that ps2 specific
optimisations have been submitted back into the tree.

I've spent quite some time tweaking around with the build but so far 
I have not come up with any satisfactory results.

So I have a couple of questions ...

Do your configuration scripts automatically detect architecture and
compile in specific optimisations ? in particular I am talking about the
libavcodec/ps2 code  ?

I am making the assumption that the bottleneck in the ps2 for divx playback is 
in the decoding area, of note, QCast & PS2Reality both using ffmpeg to 
acheive this. Am I going to have any luck trying out different "video out" 
renderers (best performance so far seems to be sdl)?

Last but not least, Is there anything I could do to assist in porting Mplayer 
to ps2 linux, or might you have any tips for area's I might be able to look 
at in order to improve performance.

Thanks, any response appreciated (Says nick , wondering if he is dreaming , or 
just flogging a dead horse!)

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