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Mon Apr 7 18:04:04 CEST 2003

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support for multiple subtitle files by Marcin Wojdyr <wojdyr at unipress.waw.pl>

Index: mplayer.1
RCS file: /cvsroot/mplayer/main/DOCS/en/mplayer.1,v
retrieving revision 1.367
retrieving revision 1.368
diff -u -r1.367 -r1.368
--- mplayer.1	7 Apr 2003 00:33:13 -0000	1.367
+++ mplayer.1	7 Apr 2003 16:03:59 -0000	1.368
@@ -946,11 +946,13 @@
 .B \-slang <two\ letter\ country\ code> (also see \-sid option)
-Works only for DVD playback.
-Turns on/\:selects DVD subtitle language.
+For DVD playback, turns on/\:selects DVD subtitle language.
 For the list of available subtitles, use with the \-v option and look at the
+Otherwise, determines an optional subtitle suffix which gets a higher
+priority when searching for subtitles.
 .PD 0
@@ -960,8 +962,9 @@
 .PD 1
-.B \-sub <subtitle\ file>
-Use/\:display this subtitle file.
+.B \-sub <subtitle\-file1,subtitle\-file2,...>
+Use/\:display these subtitle files. Only one file can be displayed 
+at the same time and the files can be switched with 'j'. 
 .B \-sub-bg-alpha <0\-255>
 Specify the alpha channel value for subtitles and OSD backgrounds.

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