[MPlayer-advusers] fribidi flip hebrew not working in embedded mkv subs?

compn tempn at twmi.rr.com
Wed Aug 23 03:04:29 CEST 2006

anyone know if this is a bug or..?

user wanted to flip the subs in his mkv file, but couldnt
and had to extract the subs first.

<moonwatcher> mplayer -flip-hebrew -fribidi-charset UTF-8 -subfont-encoding unicode -utf8 -sub heb.srt "Jules et Jim.mkv"
<moonwatcher> works
<moonwatcher> why doesnt it play the matroska file correctly :(
<moonwatcher> mplayer -sid 1 -flip-hebrew -fribidi-charset UTF-8 -subfont-encoding unicode -utf8 "Jules et Jim.mkv"
<moonwatcher> doesnt work
<moonwatcher> while using the external file (which i just extracted from the mkv file with the same application the muxed it) works ...
<moonwatcher> any reason why i cant flip the font in the matroska?

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