[MEncoder-users] Scaling quality

Scott W. Larson scowl at wballphotos.com
Thu Oct 31 05:35:59 CET 2013

On 10/30/2013 09:15 PM, Andrew Udvare wrote:
> It is logical because when you encounter a bug, who is going to fix it?
I'll deal with that if I ever encounter a bug. I haven't since the last 
supported release. I'd rather use reliable old software than stuff 
that's constantly changing.
> Regarding DVDs, why not use mplayer to dump the VOBs using -dumpstream
> -dumpfile whatever.vob dvd://<title_number> then use ffmpeg to encode?
Because it's a pointless waste of time when mencoder can read my DVD 
directly right now.
> As far as EDL, there is no support at this time (however there is a feature
> request for it).
And I'm sticking to unsupported mencoder which has had excellent EDL 
support for years. I've been using it to edit out commercials before I 
burn TV shows to DVD. I just tap the 'i' key in mplayer when a 
commercial starts and hit it again when the show starts.

I saw the ffmpeg feature request for EDL support months ago. Nothing has 
happened since. That told me how much I support I can expect from ffmpeg 

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