[MEncoder-users] Output framerate and quality perception

Stjepan Brbot stjepan.brbot at zg.t-com.hr
Sun Mar 15 22:54:17 CET 2009

Hi all,

recently I started to transcode my older movies (DIVX/XVID in AVI) into
x264 for my Nokia E71 mobile phone (320x240) supporting x264/faac.
Usually I use 64kbps for audio and 256kbps for video bitrates. This
compresses usual 700MB movie into 150-200MB. My Nokia can reproduce
movies with framerates up to 30 fps and that's quite enough for all my
movies which have 24 or 25 fps. But I'm curious about one thing.

If I set -ofps 15 to lower framerate will I actually increase the
perception of movie quality? This way 256kbps video bitrate is used for
15 frames instead e.g. 25 frames causing more bits for each particular
frame resulting in better separate frame quality. Lower framerate maybe
will not result in lower perception of motion in movies on mobile phone
since LCD latency of mobile phone screen is not comparable to these of
LCD monitors (I think). Is this wrong thinking?


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