[MEncoder-users] Making PS3-compatible videos with MEncoder

Grozdan microchip at telenet.be
Sun Mar 15 13:33:48 CET 2009

On Sunday 15 March 2009 07:06:26 Andrew Berg wrote:
> Grozdan wrote:
> > On Saturday 14 March 2009 00:23:27 Andrew Berg wrote:
> > > I have yet to find a program that gives me the control over options
> > > like MEncoder (except obviously the programs it has built-in), and I
> > > need the video filters it has. Unfortunately, I cannot find a decent
> > > guide for making PS3-compatible videos manually (i.e. specifying all
> > > x264 options oneself and not relying on a program to do it).
> > > Can anyone link to a good guide that details what x264 options need to
> > > be set/unset?
> >
> > you may want to try h264enc which gives you the option of saving
> > everything to a file so you can get the encoding/filter parameters
> My understanding of shell scripts is subpar, but skimming through the
> script (I'll look more deeply once I get some sleep), I think the
> options specified in the PS3 presets will help me tremendously. Thanks.

you don't have to dig through the script. Just configure a, say, video file 
and save the settings to the batch file when asked. Open the batch file and 
you'll have all your PS3 settings

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