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Grzesiek Sójka pld at pfu.pl
Sun Mar 8 19:42:15 CET 2009

Larry S. Stotler wrote:
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> From: Grzesiek Sójka <pld at pfu.pl>
>>    3. Since I limited the -ofps to 8 I get lots of "Skipping frame!"
>> messages. It would be nice to switch it off because if mencoder is
>> running inside x-teminal then the CPU consumption of X-server is about 
> 50%.
> You see 50% probably because you have a dual core processor and 
> mencoder it using 100% of one of the cores.  This is completely normal, 
> and it has nothing to do with the skipping frames message.  Mencoder 
> will just use all the available cpu resources to do it's work.
> IIRC, lavdopts may do multi-threaded encoding depending on the codec, 
> but you're not going to see 100% usage on both cores, so if you want to 
> use the machine while it is encoding, then I wouldn't.  You could also 
> start a second encode in another x-term, and you'd then see 100% cpu 
> usage.

I use linux since 1998 and SMP machines since 2000. I'm aware of its
limitations. I do _not_ expect single mencoder to use 100% of dual CPU
(not dual core) machine. What I'm complaining about is that the CPU
consumption of X-server is 100% of one CPU (nencoder uses the second
one). Thus dual CPU machine is fully loaded by single mencoder running
only one thread. You can check it using top command. Moreover if you
send all the error messages to the black hole (by adding 2>/dev/null to
the command) then the CPU consumption of the X-server is more-less 2%.
Thus the second CPU is more-less idle and you can use it to encode
another movie. I do not like the idea of hiding all the error messages
because in the case when something goes wrong you do not have any info
about it. So the optimal solution would be to make the mencoder _not_
sending the "Sipping frame!" message every time it does skip a frame
(it's like 100 times every second!).

Any suggestions??


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