[MEncoder-users] vbitrate

Larry S. Stotler larrystotler at netscape.net
Sun Mar 8 17:36:46 CET 2009

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From: Grzesiek Sójka <pld at pfu.pl>
>    3. Since I limited the -ofps to 8 I get lots of "Skipping frame!"
>messages. It would be nice to switch it off because if mencoder is
>running inside x-teminal then the CPU consumption of X-server is about 

You see 50% probably because you have a dual core processor and 
mencoder it using 100% of one of the cores.  This is completely normal, 
and it has nothing to do with the skipping frames message.  Mencoder 
will just use all the available cpu resources to do it's work.

IIRC, lavdopts may do multi-threaded encoding depending on the codec, 
but you're not going to see 100% usage on both cores, so if you want to 
use the machine while it is encoding, then I wouldn't.  You could also 
start a second encode in another x-term, and you'd then see 100% cpu 

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