[MEncoder-users] 120 minute video creates a 6.2gb vob

belcampo belcampo at zonnet.nl
Mon Mar 2 15:04:27 CET 2009

Alex Bennee wrote:
> Hi,
> I've got some region 1 discs I wanted to re-burn as region free so I
> can play them on my DVD player. The episode on each disc is around 120
> minutes long. Curiously an lsdvd of the disc shows two 120 minute
> tracks but both play the same (different sound encodings maybe?).
Maybe lsdvd is tricked. 240min normally won't fit on a DVD. So it 
probably is 'a link' to the same file.
Therefore 6.2GB looks pretty normal, 7000kb/sec incl. sound.
> When I used dumpstream to extract the vob for a track I get a 6.2gb VOB
> which seems a little big. Is there anything I can do to find out if
> there is any extraneous information in the stream I can strip out.

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