[MEncoder-users] Converting H.264-AVC 1920 X 1080 to mpeg-2

L Lee llee040 at sbcglobal.net
Wed Feb 25 16:38:43 CET 2009

I just wanted to follow up to announce that I've apparently solved the issue
I've been having converting these EyeTV captures from the Hauppauge HD-PVR
to high quality standard DVD MPEG-2.

Thanks to all who responded, and special thanks to belcampo, who provided
the basic key for solving the problem as well as a whole lot of general
help. These files are actually 60 fps h.264 files, although information from
the files themselves apparently don't readily indicate that. So to solve the
problem, I used a tool called MP4Box (the Mac OS X executable for which is
now available as a standalone download) to extract the raw video data and
reinsert it along with the audio into a new mp4 document with a specified
frame rate of 59.94.

For some reason, mencoder can't be forced to read these files at 60000/1001.
Also, while using the movtoy4m tool to work with the files, I had gotten
used to the short and fast  "pullup,softskip' filter combination. So even
after learning that the files needed to be converted to 60 fps, I was
unaware that in this case those filters  apparently contributed to some
stubborn a/v sync problems. Those problems were only solved by replacing the
filters with a filmdint filter (the relative part of which is
"filmdint=fast=0/io=30:24/dint_thres=256:sad_thres=256", combined with the
-noskip option).

I would still be interested to know if there is a way to force mencoder to
read the files at the 60000/1001 frame rate. The option "-fps 60000/1001"
had no beneficial effect when compared to the results of similar commands
that didn't include it.

Thanks again.

Laine Lee

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