[MEncoder-users] mencoder - first seconds frozen and grey

James Hastings-Trew jimht at shaw.ca
Sat Feb 7 15:16:12 CET 2009

If you are on Windows, give MediaCoder ( 
http://mediacoder.sourceforge.net/index.htm ) a shot. It has a pretty 
clean interface, and has product specific to the iphone that gives great 
results. It's based largely on mencoder, ffmpeg, x264, mp4box, etc but 
wraps it all up in a pretty good gui. If you are on Mac, I would 
generally suggest VisualHub (http://www.techspansion.com/ ), but as that 
product has been discontinued, and it's replacement ( 
http://sourceforge.net/projects/transcoderredux/ ) seems to be still in 
the early stages, I'm going to suggest that it might be easier for you 
to run MediaCoder in Parallels or VMWare Fusion. VisualHub might be 
found in some of the more disreputable places on the net. There's also 
ffmpegx ( http://www.ffmpegx.com/ ) but I don't like it as much as 
VisualHub. :)

a.vi wrote:
> Hi guys,
> I'm trying to encode mp4 videos to mp4 iphone compatible videos with mencoder. I'm using iEncode. The final video is properly readable by iPhone but on any video, the two or three first seconds have a very poor quality.
> I've spent a lot of time reading the debug logs and testing new commands. Nothing does.
> Plus, I tried to encode the same video on media-convert.com. The quality is perfect, so this is not an issue with the video.
> See an example here: http://v.kewego2iphone.vidax.net/hd.mp4
> See le logs here: http://v.kewego2iphone.vidax.net/log.txt

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