[MEncoder-users] Xvid parameter "cartoon"

Stjepan Brbot stjepan.brbot at zg.t-com.hr
Mon Feb 2 18:09:03 CET 2009

On Sun, 2009-02-01 at 17:11 -0600, James Hastings-Trew wrote:
> Stjepan Brbot wrote:
> > Hi,
> >
> > while encoding anime/cartoons one could use a xvid parameter "cartoon".
> > According to documentation (unfortunately not detailed enough) this
> > parameter adjusts Xvid encoding algorithm for anime/cartoons (taking
> > into account specifics of cartoons). But could we be a little bit more
> > specific about that!? There are actually two (different in terms of
> > paining technique used) types of cartoons; older cartoons which use
> > mostly solid color shapes, have sharp edges (lines) etc. and other new
> > ones with full palette of colors, shades, 3D, looking like ordinary
> > movies. Maybe it's not good to use "cartoon" parameter for such a
> > cartoons although they actually are cartoons.
> >   
> Totally a guess on my part - I speak with no authority on this matter. :)
> The problem with compressing anime isn't the flat colors or the sharp 
> edges - it's the lack of natural movement from frame to frame at a 12 
> fps frame rate for the hand drawn motion. I imagine that for anime you'd 
> have to greatly expand the motion search radius to catch the large frame 
> to frame movements of elements. Newer anime has more 24fps motion 
> (because of more use of motion controlled cameras and CG elements) so 
> the motions are more "movie like".

I'm talking about new cartoons (or better to say animated movies, I
don't know if term "cartoon" is used in English for one type of anime
and animated movies for another one). I mean, I speak about Pixar's,
Disney's and DreamWorks' animated movies which look more like regular
movies than old classic Donald Duck and Micky Mouse cartoons. I'm asking
if it is correct to use "cartoon" parameter for such new animated movies
or cartoon is intended for old Micky Mouse cartoons. I really don't know
how many fps originally is used in older and in new animated movies.

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