[MEncoder-users] Build help - Defeating autodetection for x264 on Mac OS X !0.5

R.L. Horn lists at eastcheap.org
Thu Sep 25 09:09:52 CEST 2008

On Tue, 23 Sep 2008, Laine Lee wrote:

> Well, judging from the other stuff you said, I may be out of luck for this
> config, but here's the passage anyway. Thanks again.

> :4:2: error: #error We do not support old versions of x264. Get the latest
> from SVN.

Forgive me if I've missed part of the discussion, but how many copies of 
x264 do you have installed?  If there's only one, and it's relatively 
recent (X264_BUILD was 64 as of yesterday) you've just got a stale copy of 
x264.h somewhere, possibly accompanied by a stale copy of libx264 (either 
that, or something is horribly wrong with gcc).  Find it, delete it, and 
all should be well -- provided, naturally, that you end up linked with the 
new library (unfortunately, I don't know squat about library versioning on 

If you have parallel x264 installations...well, it's trickier.  Perhaps a 
lot trickier.

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