[MEncoder-users] losing 5.1 audio on -oac copy transcode

Scott Larson scowl at pacifier.com
Sat Sep 20 17:49:25 CEST 2008

On Fri, 2008-09-19 at 19:33 -0500, Dan Shoup wrote:
> Anyhow, I tried this and I get the same result...the 51 audio is there, but no player seems to recognize it by default.  I can only get 5.1 audio played back if I force mplayer using afm hwac3 -channels 6 and I have no way to force this in GBPVR (my preferred video player).

How do you know for certain that DD 5.1 audio is there? What players
have you tried it on? 

Some receivers will lie and say they're playing 5.1 audio when they
aren't which sounds likely since you're using hwac3. We see this
confusion all the time when people declare their receivers "smarter"
than others because they see 5.1 audio when more truthful receivers

If the AC3 packets aren't tagged with 5.1 then these players/receivers
are lying about the audio they're seeing and mplayer is simply telling
you the truth.

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