[MEncoder-users] mencoder stops at DVD chapter edge

mencoder1 at computeca.com mencoder1 at computeca.com
Sat Sep 13 03:58:13 CEST 2008

mencoder1 at computeca.com wrote:
> I've been using mencoder for years to encode the DVDs I own to a smaller
> size for playback on my solid-state portable player (I don't own a disc
> player).
> Recently, mencoder will be happily encoding, and for whatever reason, will
> stop at a specific chapter.  It seems to be happening with several
> different DVDs.  It does the same thing on different machines running the
> same OS (F9 with DVD RPMs from livna) so I don't think its hardware
> related.  In this case, its stops encoding when transitioning from chapter
> 3 to 4.  Xine plays through from 3 to 4 without issue.  I'm not sure how to
> interpret the error/output from mencoder (below).
> Any ideas on what might be happening?

I figured it out.  I've been using dvd:// for a *long* time, but I guess
its time to retire it in favor of dvdnav://.  I changed that in my command
line and all is well again.


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