[MEncoder-users] theora, where is the love?

Martin Matusiak numerodix at gmail.com
Fri Sep 12 21:38:56 CEST 2008

So theora has been around for a while now, right? It's not a new
codec. And yet whenever I play a theora file in either mplayer or vlc
the index is all screwed up, the player seems to think a video that's
a few minutes long is well over an hour. To get sane seeking in the
file I have to transcode it. Why is that?

Mencoder supports a ridiculous amount of video codecs for encoding,
but theora isn't one of them. Again, why? There is something called
ffmpeg2theora, and it works, but it's not integrated with mencoder or
ffmpeg, is it?

It would seem that ogm+theora+vorbis is the safest format choice in
terms of freedom and legal liability. But it's so infrequently used,
and when it is the videos don't even play correctly.

Why does noone seem to like theora?


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