[MEncoder-users] Encoding with x264 Jittery Result

Reuben Budiardja reubendb at organizedhacks.com
Sat Dec 29 14:37:22 CET 2007

On Friday 28 December 2007 11:13:16 pm James Hastings-Trew wrote:
> Reuben Budiardja wrote:
> > Hello,
> > I am trying to use mencoder to encode VOB files with x264 codec. I'm
> > trying to get high quality encode with 1500 kbps target bitrate and
> > two-pass encoding.
> > <snip> 
> > The result is a very jittery movie. I checked that after the first pass
> > the result is still OK, but after the second pass it's very jittery. Is
> > there something that I did that's obviously wrong ?
> When you say "jittery" do you mean that the frames appear to leap
> backwards and forwards through time? 

Yes, exactly. That what it seems to me.

> It's probably something to do with 
> b-frames. I personally have never gotten them to work using any of the
> examples in the manual, and have since avoided them entirely.

What's my best option then ? XviD + AC3 ?


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