[MEncoder-users] stop/restart mencoder

TAJTHY Tamás tajthy at mailbox.hu
Fri Dec 28 14:13:46 CET 2007


I use mencoder under cygwin. Is there a way to stop mencoder and restart it? I
tried the "kill -STOP", but it does not work with cygwin. I can use the ctrl+S,
but I don't know how to restart automatically (I can continue pressing ctrl+Q,
but it is manual :-( ). Or even I can kill mencoder and restart only the
cancelled pass, but it is a pure waste of time.

Does anybody know a way to stop and continue mencoder automatically? The stop can
remain manual...

I have only one idea right now. I write an extended "cat" which check
periodically a file (or a signal). If the file exists (or signal caught), it
stops sending data to the stdout. I think I should use sg like this:

xcat file.avi | mencoder opts -

Is there no better way???

TIA && Good byte!


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