[MEncoder-users] A/V out of synchron

Michael Rozdoba mroz at ukgateway.net
Thu Dec 6 14:40:01 CET 2007

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RC wrote:
> After encoding many tens if not hundreds of thousands of videos, and
> putting together numerous commercial solutions for video encoding with
> mencoder, I have yet to find a single video where a/v sync cannot be
> maintained, using appropriate values for -mc, -ofps, and occasionally
> -noskip and harddup.  It's quite common knowledge.    

To make it clear, I've not used mencoder in the following scenario -
just posting to see if you think it would cope:

I've seen lots of corrupted mpeg2 transport streams (from digital
terrestrial in the UK), where corruption due to signal loss produces an
audio/video glitch. The result is a stream which will maintain sync
across the glitch when directly played back, but when transcoded with
whatever tools I've tried, including those meant to repair sync issues
(& often do a reasonable job), will still contain some sync issues after

Are you suggesting mencoder would be able to cope here? If so I'll try
it next time I see this problem.

> Personally, I'm just quite tired of repeating it over and over again,
> to people who don't want to put the effort into searching the archives,
> where these tips are offered 1,000Xs over.

Put the responses in a faq & just point posters there, or even put the
faq link in your sig for this list?

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