[MEncoder-users] Trouble transcoding 1080i "video" to NTSC DVD

Nico Sabbi nsabbi at email.it
Thu Mar 9 09:43:55 CET 2006

Walter Belhaven wrote:
> Hi,
> I'm having trouble transcoding 1080i HD "video" (interlaced) content
> from my Tivo HR10-250 to "standard" NTSC DVD.  The video source is a
> live hockey game.  The goal (heh-heh) is to burn a DVD-R that will
> play on a "standard" set top DVD player.  After reading, re-reading,
> ad nauseum, the mencoder manual, I'm getting close, but I'm not quite
> there yet.
> 2. I still get freezes and stutters in my two set-top players, a
> Panasonic and a Sony, even though the DVD-RW plays fine in the
> computer.  Note: every DVD-R/RW I've burned with this same burner, on
> source that was derived from a "real" DVD via DVD Decrypter/Shrink has
> played perfectly, with no freezes nor stutters, on those same set-top
> players.  Therefore, I suspect there's something wrong with my
> transcoded MPEG file, as opposed to there being a "media" problem.
unfortunately, when I developed the current mpeg muxer I could only
test it on a very permissive dvd stb. Now that I have replaced it with
a less permissive one I can experience the same stuttering.
In short: I have begun to rewrite parts of the code to respect certain
buffering constraints that  are  currently ignored, but it's a quite 
difficult task
that is only half way. In the meantime try to use -of lavf -lavfopts 

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