[MEncoder-users] xvid second pass

Nico Sabbi nicola_sabbi at fastwebnet.it
Sun Mar 5 21:59:46 CET 2006

Marco wrote:

>Of these two pass commands
>$ mencoder dolbycity.vob -oac copy -ovc xvid -xvidencopts pass=1 -o /dev/null
>$ mencoder dolbycity.vob -oac copy -ovc xvid -xvidencopts pass=2 -o out.avi
>gives me
>File not found: 'frameno.avi'
>Failed to open frameno.avi
>Using SSE optimized IMDCT transform
>Using MMX optimized resampler
>The selected video_out device is incompatible with this codec.
>xvid: you must specify one or a valid combination of 'bitrate',
>'pass', 'quantizer' settings
>FATAL: Cannot initialize video driver.
>What's wrong?

read the error reported and you will find the answer yourself

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